ATE Ceramic Brake pads Case study

Monday, March 21, 2016
Case Study ATE Ceramic Brake pads

The W166 ML250 was purchased new ultram market online or buy ultram cheap buy ultram no prescription without going to the doctor! in November 2013. ATE ceramic brake pads were fitted to front wheels at 468km. Rear ceramic pads were not available at this time.

The front pads have performed fabulously, smooth quite braking with next to no brake dust on the front wheels as can be seen on the photo below.

At approximately 38,500kms the brake pad wear warning is illuminated in the instrument cluster. Upon inspection it was found the rear brake pads were worn to minimum thickness and a little wear showing on the rear brake discs. The fronts on the other hand are still looking good with greater than 80% of brake pad material left and no wear on the discs.


Front Disc Rotors, no wear and pads at 80%+
Rear Discs and pads

Fitting new ATE Ceramic pads to the rear wheels. Electronic parking brake must be moving the service position before replacing pads.