Check Your Car A/C System Before Hot Weather Hits

Sydney is already experiencing temperatures in the mid-to-high twenties. So now is a good time to check that your car air-conditioning system is running properly.

To test your A/C, give it a short burst on the minimum temperature setting. If it is not icy cold, it is time to book in for an A/C service.

What can go wrong with your A/C?

  • Low gas (refrigerant) levels
  • External blockages caused by leaves, dust and insects
  • Internal blockages caused by metal particles and debris
  • Broken or faulty seams or welds causing leaks

The A/C condenser is in the front of the engine and can be damaged in front-end collisions and by stones kicking up from the road. Sometimes blockages can be flushed out and leaks repaired, but it is often better to replace a damaged condenser.

Autohaus One can replace damaged A/C parts and has specialist equipment for ensuring your A/C system is running optimally. We offer electronic leak detection and perform fully automated re-gassing to deliver precision amounts. Be warned! Adding more than the recommended amount of gas or refrigerant will not make the A/C work better.

All about antifreeze

If you’re heading to the snow – or just somewhere cold – this winter, you may need antifreeze. Most cars are running adequate antifreeze protection but you should be sure. If you don’t have protection against low temperatures your engine block may crack – a costly repair. Also mixing different brands of coolant can damage the cooling system.

Drop by Autohaus One for a quick test, while you wait. Call 9699 8699

Rules for Roundabouts

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You must now also indicate as you’re leaving a roundabout. Treats Epilepsy And Neuropathic Pain or buy neurontin online with Neurontin 300 mg No matter whether you are turning left, right or going straight ahead, you must always indicate a left turn just before you exit a roundabout, unless it is not practical to do so.

Official ATE BrakeCenter

Quality brakes and quality accutane acne where order: Product skincare: Descript accutane isotretinoin: or buy accutane or Say goodbye to acne with Accutane brake care are essential to safe motoring. ATE are world leaders in brake technology and many models of Mercedes Benz, BMW, Audi and Volkswagen are originally equipped with ATE brakes.

Autohaus One is an official ATE BrakeCenter, one of the first outside Germany. To qualify our staff underwent expert training with ATE trainers from Germany, and we upgraded our brake servicing equipment.