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At Autohaus One we gain great personal and professional satisfaction from working with state-of-the-art prestige vehicles. This is reflected in the level of care that you and your vehicle receive from our friendly, knowledgeable and highly experienced team.

Modern vehicles employ complex computerised systems and so our workshops are equipped with all the very latest tools and diagnostic equipment. This technology, in the hands of our highly qualified mechanics, allows us to perform warranty-compliant logbook servicing and to ensure every part of your vehicle is in optimal condition.

At Autohaus One we use only OEM parts and we fully guarantee all our work. Our professional team offers a complete range of services for Audi, BMW, Mercedes-Benz and Volkswagen including:

At Autohaus One we have the expertise and the equipment to keep your prestige vehicle in optimum condition.

Computer Diagnostics
Computer testing and diagnostics are an integral part of working on modern vehicles. Autohaus One has the equipment and expertise to access your vehicles state-of-the-art systems to find the cause of problems, to make repairs and to reset electronic features.

Registration Inspections
Any vehicle that is more than three-years old must undergo a pink slip (safety) inspection as a condition of registration. Your RTA registration renewal notice will advise if you need an inspection. Autohaus One is an Authorised Inspection Station (AIS) for providing safety inspections and issuing pink slips.

Autohaus One will lodge your pink slip electronically with the Roads and Traffic Authority (RTA) enabling you to renew your registration online or over the phone.

Air Conditioning Service
To keep your air-conditioning system running perfectly, we recommend a service at least every three years. An important component of the modern car air-conditioning system is the cabin filter which can become blocked at restrict airflow to the vehicle cabin. Autohaus One can keep your air-conditioning system in tiptop order.

Logbook Service
Keeping up with the scheduled maintenance on your vehicle will ensure the optimal performance of your car, and protect your new-car warranty. Book into Autohaus One for your scheduled logbook service.

Brake Care
Quality brakes and quality brake care are essential factors in safe motoring. Autohaus One is an official ATE brake centre with expertly trained technicians and new state-of-the-art brake fluid flushing machinery.

Wheel Balancing and Alignment
Unaligned wheels can affect your steering and cause uneven and rapid tyre wear. Autohaus One can ensure your wheels are aligned and balanced correctly to ensure your car’s optimal performance and the longevity of your tyres.

Transmission Servicing
Autohaus One can keep your transmission maintained to help prevent costly and time-consuming repairs down the track.

Tune Up
Car engines consist of hundreds of components working together to ensure your starts up and runs smoothly. Regular tune-ups will ensure your car’s performance is optimal.

Safety and Performance Checks
Autohaus One can service your vehicle and ensure safe and optimal driving performance. Regular servicing can prevent costly repairs in the future.

Repairs and Replacement Parts
Autohaus One’s experienced technicians can diagnose and fix any problem you’re experiencing with your vehicle. At Autohaus One we will identify the issue and advise you on the costs and time involved in delivering the best solution.

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